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Enjoy complete control over your game development by using this C++, Apache 2 licensed, cross-platform game framework. Join the countless other developers who are actively using and improving GamePlay.

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C++ with Lua

Industry tried and true. GamePlay is 100% written in C++ and provides Lua bindings. Providing a very fast, and very efficient framework with scripting support. The framework uses a consistent object-oriented design throughout its many components.

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Open Source

As a developer you don't have to be constrained by what the framework provides. Dive in and make it your own. It's also great to see how things are working under-the-hood. Posting fixes and working on new features is strongly encouraged.

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Cross Platform

GamePlay makes light work out of writing cross platform games. GamePlay also supports development on different platforms with different tool chains.

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Community Support

GamePlay has an active community that is friendly and helpful. Don't be shy. Posting your questions is encouraged, and so is showing off your results.